Inserting a Vimeo Video into Way We Do

Instructions for inserting / embedding a Vimeo video in to Way We Do

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Videos can add another dimension to your procedure documents. Instead of telling someone how to do something, show them in a video.

Videos can be inserted into Way We Do by clicking upon the "Insert Rich Media" icon which looks like a video play button and is located on the editing toolbar. The editing toolbar is only displayed when you are editing a procedure document.

When you click on the "Insert Media" icon, a dialogue box will pop-up. Simply paste the video URL and click the green checkmark to confirm.

Embedding using Vimeo

  • Navigate to the video and open it

  • Select Embed

  • Select Copy embed code </>

  • Paste the iframe in the Media URL section and click save

  • Your video is now embedded in the document.

  • You can now adjust height and width of the video if needed.

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