Table of Contents (Jump Links - Anchor Links)

How to add and update this feature in your documents

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This feature provides an organized and easy way to navigate content by using jump links located at the top of the page for example, enabling you to immediately locate specific sections or topics of interest within the procedure.

Adding a Table of Contents (TOC) to your Policy or Procedure

  1. In order to use this feature, you need to first create your document using the Headings & Paragraph option in the toolbar.

    The regular rule of usage contemplates 3 heading levels, however, we provide up to 5.

    1. Heading 1: Document Title

    2. Heading 2: Chapter or Section header

    3. Heading 3: Sub-Chapter or Sub-Section

  2. When the document is ready, place the cursor of your mouse where you want the Table of Contents (or jump links), then go to the "P" icon in the toolbar, and select the last option. It's the icon that looks like a page with a plus symbol on it.

  3. The Table of Contents is now displayed in your document at the location you specified.

  4. Any changes made in the headings structure will be automatically updated in the TOC (please notice heading levels).

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