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Instructions on how to use the Expand Upon This functionality

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Expand Upon This... is a function that will generate additional text for you relevant to what is already written.

For example, if you wrote a sentence or paragraph, highlighted this and selected Expand Upon This...., it would expand upon this existing content.

In addition, you can use this feature to expand on content the AI created using the Write a Paragraph or Write a List.

The Write a List function is available on:

  • Standalone Procedures

  • Activated Checklists

  • Role Descriptions

How to use Expand Upon This...

  • Highlight the content you wish to expand upon

  • Select the AI button - bright pink icon on the far right

  • Click Expand Upon This...

  • A message will appear to let you know that the AI is working

  • Once completed, the expanded content will be inserted in to your procedure

  • At the top of the expanded content, the hover will appear for you to Accept or Reject the content the AI has created for you

  • You can also choose to Regenerate or Give us feedback at this point too

  • At this point you can also use the Insert / Replace functionality - the fourth option on the hover, an arrow pointing into a square. This removes the content you selected to expand upon and replaces it with the newly generated.

  • Once you're happy with the expanded upon content and have selected Accept, you can then continue writing your policy or procedure

  • This may include adding to the content created, or removing unnecessary items

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