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General overview of Way We Do's AI functionality

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Way We Do AI is a text generation feature that can help you to write your policies & procedures fast.

It works by responding to inputs that you, the content writer, initially enter.

Our AI has four activities it can perform for you:

  • Generate an Outline

  • Write a Paragraph

  • Expand Upon This...

  • Write a List

It's important to note that our AI is not designed to write your policies & procedures for you - after all, you're the subject matter expert on how things are done in your business. The content it helps you to generate should be seen as a starting point for your work. Consider it another tool in your policy & procedure writing toolbox.

Way We Do AI is available on Standalone Procedures, Activated Checklists, and Role Descriptions.

Generate an Outline

The purpose of the Generate an Outline option is to help you create the outline for a policy or procedure you intend to write.

For example, you may need to write a Social Media Policy for your organization. The AI can get you started by simply entering "Social Media Policy" in to the procedure title, then selecting Generate an Outline. It will then provide you with an outline for your policy, which you can then adjust to your needs.

More detailed instructions on the Generate an Outline feature can be found here.

Note: Generate an Outline works differently on different procedure types:

  • Standalone Procedure: creates an outline for the overall procedure based on the procedure title

  • Activated Checklist: creates an outline for the step you're writing content for, based on the step title

  • Role Description: generate an outline is not available on this function

Write a Paragraph

The Write a Paragraph function is designed to take a heading, or a sentence, and write a paragraph about it.

For example, in your Social Media Policy, you may like it to write an Introduction for you. Highlight the word "Introduction" and select the Write a Paragraph option and it will generate the intro for you. It can do this because the AI is aware of the title you entered for the policy or procedure.

More detailed instructions on the Write a Paragraph feature can be found here.

Expand Upon This...

Expand Upon This... is a function that will generate additional text for you relevant to what is already written.

For example, if in your Social Media Policy you wrote a simple sentence stating "only authorized personnel can post on the company social media sites", highlighted this and selected Expand Upon This...., it would expand upon this existing content.

More detailed instructions on the Expand Upon This... feature can be found here.

Write a List

This feature will create a list for you based on the content you highlight - this could be a word or heading, a line of text, or a subject.

In a Social Media Policy, you may like to generate a list of security measures to be considered when using Social Media. So, you could highlight the heading "Security Measures" and then select Write a List.

More detailed instructions on the Write a List feature can be found here.

Accepting and Rejecting Generated Content

Once the AI has generated some content for you a hover will appear underneath. The first two options in this hover are for you to Accept or Reject the content, represented by a "tick" and a "cross".

If you're happy with the generated text, select the "tick" to Accept the content. If you'd like to remove the content from the policy or procedure, select the "cross" to Reject it.


If once the AI has created content for you, and you'd like it to have a go at regenerating the output, we have a Regenerate button, which will redo the action for you. Generally the content is the same, perhaps just worded a bit differently.

This button, is the middle button on the hover, which is a counter-clockwise arrow.

Insert / Replace

You can use the Expand Upon This... feature to have the AI perform a rewrite of an existing paragraph or list. Once the AI has produced results, if you prefer this newly generated content, select the Insert / Replace icon - the fourth option on the hover, an arrow pointing into a square. This removes the original content for you and replace it with the newly generated.


Feedback on recently generated content

If you'd like to provide feedback on the content the AI has just created for you, you can do so by selecting the Give us feedback button. This is the very last option on the hover.

Once selected, a pop up will display. You can then provide us with feedback by using the emoji's to indicate your satisfaction levels on How do you like the AI Writer? and How do you rate the quality of the text generation?

There's also a field for you to provide detail on What other things would you like us to consider?

Lastly there's a checkbox for Exclude last AI generation details from feedback? If you leave this unselected, we can see the details of what was used to generate the AI, which is very helpful for us. If for any reason - such as confidentiality - you need to exclude this information, select this checkbox.

General Feedback

To provide us with some general feedback, select the AI icon from the toolbar at the top of a policy or procedure when in edit mode - it's the bright pink icon on the far right, then choose the Give us feedback link.

A pop up will display with the two emoji questions and the free text field for any other feedback you may have.

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