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AI - How to tailor your content
AI - How to tailor your content

Instructions on tailoring content for Way We Do AI

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Way We Do AI is a text generation feature that can help you to write your policies & procedures fast.

It works by responding to inputs that you, the content writer, initially enter.

When you're entering these inputs, you're able to add additional subject related content to further enhance the text the AI creates. This can help to ensure that your policy or procedure is tailored to your needs.

For example, you may like to have your company name in the paragraph you're asking the AI to create. So, underneath the heading you're creating the paragraph for, enter some simple instructions, such as "company name is your company name".

The AI will now insert your additional subject matter in to content it writes.


Some examples of other additional content you could include are:

  • Geographical location e.g. "company is in the USA"

  • Regulatory or legislative requirements e.g. "include ISO27001 standards"

  • Be specific about a list you want created e.g. "List appropriate authorities and regulatory bodies"

  • Associate a subject with a specific locations e.g. "name of subject" + "country / state"

  • Specifying your company size, so the output reflects that e.g. "in a compnay with less than 10 people"

  • Context about the purpose of a policy

As you become more familiar with the AI, you will discover ways to help it deliver the output you need. As always, remember the AI is only an assistant, and any content it generates should be reviewed thoroughly before the policy or procedure is published.

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