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When you have decided to publish the procedure, click on the 'Published' icon, then click on finish.

A pop-up window will appear as shown below asking you to enter some publishing information.

Version Number - You can choose if the procedure will be version 1 if you publish it. You can also choose a number if you have an internal version number that is already in place.

Published Date - The date you have made the corrections or updates and you are publishing the new version of the document.

Changes made - You can indicate here any changes you made throughout the editing phase before you published it.

Reason - Enter the reason for the changes in the procedure if there are any.

Author Participation - will show you who has participated in editing the procedure.

Click on 'Publish' to publish the procedure.

You are also able to see notes you entered in the procedure history. Click on the Procedure History Icon

Then click on the notepad icon at the lower right of the box

A pop up will then show you the notes you entered.

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