Embedding Forms
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Way We Do does not support native form functionality within the editor, but it is easy to create a web form and then embed it into a Way We Do manual.

Way We Do is compatible with most popular form builders, including

Once embedded, users can complete web forms right inside their Way We Do accounts, and data collected from completed forms will be available online through the form builder service you choose.

Embedding Forms

Forms can be inserted into a procedure page on Way We Do exactly the same way videos are.

  1. To begin, create a form in the web form builder of your choice and copy the web form embed code from the form builder. The embed code can generally be found in the sharing options. To locate the code, look for the embed sign <>.

  2. Navigate to the procedure in Way We Do where you wish to insert a form. Click the "Insert Video" icon which looks like a video play button and is located on the editing toolbar. NOTE: The editing toolbar is only displayed when you are editing a procedure document.

  3. When you click upon the "Insert Video" icon, a dialogue box will pop-up. Simply paste the Form embed code from the form builder here and click the "Insert" button.

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